Windsurf courses are opened to everyone, children, men, young people and old people...

- Certified instructors

- Great fun

- Regattas and sport competitions

- Advanced windsurf simulator for out-of-water learning

There are 3 kind of courses: Basic, Advanced, Funboard Improve.

Basic course is based on 6 lessons of which one theoretic: Advanced course is based on 6 object lessons, it's recommended to attend after the basic course:
1) Wind and Windsurf theory; points of sailing; basic movements. 1) Improvement of the points of sailing, body position and jibe; navigational safety.
2) Rigging and carrying the windsurf; balance on the board; rotations and starting. 2) Sailing following the instructor.
3) Simplified start; luffing and bearing away.

3) Fast tack; upwind-downwind; rights of way.
4) Simplified tack. 4) Sailing in moderate wind conditions.
5) "Hand on the boom" starts and tacks; points of sailing (practice); body adjustments. 5) Sailing using the harness.
6) Running downwind; simplified jibe. 6) Last adjustments; beach start.

For the Funbord Improve course you will need your own equipment, and it's recommended after the 2 previous courses.

Info:   Giuseppe (English) +39 349 8345132